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Welcome to my BOINC stats site. BOINC is a new Distributed computing platform developed by the SETI@Home team at the University of California at Berkeley. BOINC is an entirely new framework designed to make volunteer-based distributed computing viable for widespread use by researchers who do not have the resources and/or knowlege to make a distributed computing systems of their own. For more information please click on the BOINC! logo above.

This site is designed as a multi-project stats site. Below is a list of projects I currently support. I keep track of both teams and users. Click the appropriate link in the table below. Another way of finding what you seek is my Search Page. Also be sure and check my new features page from time to time to see the latest improvements to the site.

As the logo above indicates, this site is brought to you by the distributed computing team "The Knights Who Say Ni!". Click here for more information on us. Please feel free to drop by our forums or join our IRC channel for some real-time conversation and/or help. We are located in #setiathome on EFNet. Click the button below to use EFNet's webchat service to chat right here in your web browser!

And now on to the stats!

ProjectTeam StatsUser StatsProject DescriptionLast Database Update
Seti@HomeTeamsUsersSearching the sky for potential alien signals5.9 hours ago
Predictor@HomeTeamsUsersPredict protein structure from protein sequence2425.4 days ago
Climateprediction.netTeamsUsersProduce a forcast of the climate in the 21st century372.1 days ago
LHC@HomeTeamsUsersHelp in the construction of the LHC by simulating particle behavior14.8 hours ago
Pirates@HomeTeamsUsersARRRRR! Matie! (Test project for Einstein@Home)6.2 hours ago
Einstein@HomeTeamsUsersFull sky search for pulsars using the LIGO observatory449.8 days ago
SZTAKI Desktop GridTeamsUsersFind all generalized binary number systems up to dimension 1112.9 hours ago
BURPTeamsUsersBig and Ugly Rendering Project5.1 hours ago
Rosetta@HomeTeamsUsersProtein folding, design and docking3.8 hours ago
PrimeGridTeamsUsersFactoring the number in the RSA Factoring Challenge5.2 hours ago
uFluidsTeamsUsersAnalyzing fluid behavior in microgravity985.5 days ago
SIMAPTeamsUsersCalculate protein similarity data for biological research62.8 days ago
World Community GridTeamsUsersCollection of several humanitarian distributed computing applications5.4 hours ago
QMC@HomeTeamsUsersUsing the Quantum Monte Carlo Method to analyze molecular structures820.7 days ago
Leiden ClassicalTeamsUsersSurface science calculations using Classical Dynamics0.2 hours ago
Malaria ControlTeamsUsersModeling of the clinical epidemiology of malaria0.4 hours ago
TanpakuTeamsUsersPredict protein structure and function from genetic sequences using Brownian Dynamics2394.1 days ago
Riesel SieveTeamsUsersFind prime numbers of the form k*2^n - 12441.3 days ago
Spinhenge@homeTeamsUsersIncrease the basic understanding of molecular magnetism723.5 days ago
ABC@HomeTeamsUsersFinding specific mathematical abc-triplets278.2 days ago
Rectilinear Crossing #TeamsUsersFind the minimum crossing number for complete graphs1514.9 days ago
NanoHive@HomeTeamsUsersLarge-scale nanosystem simulation and analysis2407.1 days ago
Proteins@HomeTeamsUsersAnalyze protein structure2066.6 days ago
Cosmology@HomeTeamsUsersFind models that best describe our universe and agree with observed data4.9 hours ago
CPDN Seaonal AttributionTeamsUsersAnalyze weather patterns to see if they can be attributed to human-induced climate change652.1 days ago
The Lattice ProjectTeamsUsersCollection of Bioinformatic applications run by the University of Maryland7.1 hours ago
Milkyway@HomeTeamsUsersCreate an accurate 3D model of our galaxy6.3 hours ago
POEM@HomeTeamsUsersProtein Optimization with Energy Methods2.4 hours ago
Combined BOINC StatsTeamsUsersMy combined BOINC stats include all projects listed above15 hours ago

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